Welcome Harry!

I'm so excited!  I just got a message from my expat FB-friend Harry, who is living in Hongkong with his expat parents and who only recently experienced his big "drop-out".  Can you imagine how jealous I was at first?  I know it's not nice but sometimes I'm getting so bored down here. You have no idea!  I know I ought to be happy for him, but I couldn't help feeling a bit jealous, so I kept putting off sending him a message to congratulate him on this massive moment in his life.  Finally, I got my act together and decided to get in touch with him.  Actually, I was quite anxious to find out from him how he had experienced the "The Final Countdown".  After all, if one wants to come onto this world well-prepared, one should gather as much first-hand tips & tricks as possible for "The Great Escape" my mummy has in mind for me.

In fact, Harry is such a nice guy.  You know, he told me he had realized I had been sort of jealous of him taking the plunge.  He was very sportive because he had been jealous of other drop-outs too, he admitted to me. That's my kind of guy!  Harry told me it took his mum 44 hours to safely bring him into this life. In the end, they even had to perform a C-section to get him!  Can you imagine that?!?  His mummy must be a very strong and determined lady.  What a titanic work, slave labor I'd rather call it!  I asked him how he experienced the whole operation.  " Really beyond my imagination", he said.  He said he was quietly dosing off until all of a sudden he felt the water being sucked away, leaving him all wrinkled and greasy.  He already made peace with leaving his safe house, which had been his cozy nest for nine months, but now that he actually wanted to get out, he did not succeed.  He was getting desperate to get out! He was so afraid being locked-up, that he almost paralyzed. Scary!!  Then, all of a sudden, he could breathe again, there was light at the end of the tunnel!  The Chinese doctor had decided it was time to come to Harry's birth rescue and perform a C-section.  " I could have kissed that doctor", he said, " if I hadn't been that greasy and slimy". 

So far for Harry's birth story.  I'll tell you more about Harry later, but now it's time for my nap.  I desperately need some rest to digest Harry's exhausting story.


See Ya!



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